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Linguistic and testing services
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Glossaries and terminology management
For Translators
    Have a big and/or arduous project that has a lot of difficult medical terminology?
You don't have to work on it alone. We can help you make a glossary which will limit the distractions from your translation and will speed up the process of finding the right terms. We will make you a spreadsheet with a bilingual terminology list taken from your document. Take the pain out of gain.
    Glossaries are a very important step in almost any linguistic project. They define the limits, the scope and the goals of the project. Without them there would be no consistent reference of the terminology to be used for a project. Without them translators, editors and testers would end up putting their personal preferences in wherever they saw fit. Therefore building approved glossaries is key to implementing high linguistic standards and consistency.

    Have a big project and you want to be sure that your terminology will be correct and consistent? Let us help. We can help establish your terminology equivalencies while making sure that terms are kept in context. Your translation team will now have a glossary of established terminology to base their work on. This updatable spreadsheet will give this and future projects the consistency a professional company requires. We can assist you to make such a resource and can also update it as needed for new terminology or language pairs. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.
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