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Linguistic and testing services
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Web & Software
We can do the linguistic testing for your website, software and app. We will define together what the scope of the project is and establish a friendly and efficient work atmosphere. Do you want a daily report of progress? We can provide one. Have other requirements? Let us help you get your testing tailored to your needs.
Functional and formatting
We can also do functional and formatting testing. We go through page by page checking all the links, reviewing all the alignments, ensuring that things display as they should. We then make detailed screenshots for your engineers to correct the issues and we can do regression to ensure changes have been correctly implemented. We can tailor our services to your needs.
        Many companies have found there is value in offering their sites in the languages their customers speak. We can help with the localization of your website, software or app. We will translate all your text files and provide testing once they have been staged to ensure they appear correctly on the application.
        Confidentiality and privacy
are vital, therefore we always use trustworthy people to do your work. Do you need us to install software or otherwise customize our workplace for your project? Contact us to discuss your need.